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Today I mixed up my usual gym sesh with a walk around Lake Burley Griffin. The Lake defines if you're a north or southsider here in Canberra. I've now been both, but never a centre-er who lives around the lake; it's def next on my living list!

Our lake is beautiful. It has all the tourist destinations around it, museums, the Library and galleries. But my fav part, it's always blue (or maybe that's because I'd never drive to walk the lake if it was raining??). Big blue sky and never ending blue water. 

I was a little early for the glorious gold shades of Autumn that are along the lake, so it still feels like Summer around it. I'll *have* to go back in a couple of weeks to get the Canberra Autumn experience that is unlike anywhere in the world. Clear blue skies, a warmth from the sun, and gold as far as you can see.

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A weekend in CBR


A mini break on a first date might be a bit of a stretch, but if this Valentine’s Day you’re all coupled up why not try a little getaway or even better, a staycation.

I love a staycation. Holed up in a fabulous hotel is always a winner, but add in being able to see a little more of your own city, well winner all round.

If I was to stayca it would be in the glorious Canberra, Australia. And if I was to do this with a valentine here’s how I would do it.



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