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What Rebecca Eats: London Food Review—Sunday

What Rebecca Eats: London Food Review-Sunday_Weekend Brunch recommendation

Because Sunday is for brunch. My London food review of Sunday in North London.

This past weekend I headed to North London for brunch with a girlfriend. I came across Sunday through a general Google search and thought the photos on Facebook of their fluffy pancakes looked good. It wasn’t until I got to Sunday that I realised this was the place a friend of mine raved about a year ago as incredible coffee and out of the world pancakes–and he’s not wrong!

I arrived at Sunday at 11:30am on a Saturday—always the rule breaker—and for an hour I lined up in the rain and the cold. We ordered takeaway coffees for the queue, but they were no match for one of the coldest weekends in London and after an hour in the line I was frozen to the bone and my feet were numb.

After finally making our way inside to a table for two we realised why it took so long to get a table, the place is tiny. With under 30 seats inside and no reservations taken on weekends, expect a wait.

What Rebecca Eats: London Food Review-Sunday_Weekend Brunch recommendation

Drinks: coffee and cocktails

With frozen toes my brunch buddy and I needed some warming up. A flat white for me and tea for her were not enough, so we both decided a bloody Sunday was a must. The bloody Mary came out in a cute little mason jar with the biggest stick of celery. The flavours of the drink were completely on point with the perfect mix of tomato, tobacco, vodka, celery and chilli.

What Rebecca Eats: London Food Review-Sunday_Weekend Brunch recommendation

Hand to heart this would be the second best bloody Mary of my life and the first only coming in at number one because it was served with a massive prawn.

What Rebecca Eats: London Food Review-Sunday_Weekend Brunch recommendation

Are you following my insta stories for all the behind the scenes action?

P.s. the flat white was also very very good. It was nice and creamy rather than the typical burnt I’m used to.

Brunch: a mix of healthy and need to run 5km

For the main event, we decided to go half and half with two yummy things off the menu.

First up, the buttermilk pancakes with berry compote, bacon, honeycomb butter and maple syrup. If it wasn’t obvious this was the dish that you need to run 5kms for. After waiting in the cold and rain for an hour with frozen toes you would think nothing would be worth it. These pancakes were worth it. These pancakes are so flipping delicious I have no issues with the fact I ate them while feeling more frozen than Jack Dawson in Titanic.

What Rebecca Eats: London Food Review-Sunday_Weekend Brunch recommendation

They were fluffy and cooked well. The berry compote had the perfect levels of tart and sweet. The bacon was crispy and added the salt you needed. The honeycomb butter was sooooo buttery and creamy. And the maple syrup didn’t have an sickly sweetness to it. This dish was perfection.

With our dessert dish eaten first we moved onto the healthy one. Courgette fritters with halloumi, avocado, poached egg, yogurt and dukkah.

What Rebecca Eats: London Food Review-Sunday_Weekend Brunch recommendation

The serving size was massive and while it wasn’t covered in sugar and bacon, it was really tasty and a perfect choice to balance out our brunch. The courgette had the most perfect crumbing, not to thick, cooked throughout with a golden hue. The avocade and yogurt added a lovely creaminess for the courgette to mop up. And the rocket helped me feel healthy.

All the flavours worked really well together and it was a well balanced and tasty dish.

Cost: two coffees, two bloody Sundays and two mains came in at a reasonable £42 without service.

Rating: 5/5 If I can line up in the rain and not lose my shit, you know those pancakes were worth it.

Have you been to Sunday? What did you love off the menu?

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