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20 Things I Miss About Australia While Living in London

20 Things I Miss About Australia While Living in London

Now into my second year of living in London, I am incredibly lucky to be here and loving every minute of it. But living in London means I’m not living in Australia, my home: the place with my family, friends and all the Mint Slices.

As an Aussie living in London, there are of course things from home that I miss. Bondi Beach, Tim Tams, Milo and Aldi wine selection are of course top of the list, but there are other things as well, many of which I took for granted that now I really miss.

As an Aussie expat living in London, here are the 20 things I miss most about Australia.

  1. My rent not taking up 30% of my salary and bills taking up a further 20%. Oh disposable income, I didn’t know how good you were and I left you for the bright lights on London 🙁
  2. Mum’s chicken parmigiana.
  3. A flat white coffee that’s creamy and comes in more than one size.
  4. Independent boutiques and coffee shops. Too many Prets, Eats and Costas.
  5. Sunshine.
  6. Having four distinct seasons. London is winter with six weeks of summer.
  7. Hearing phrases like “Yeah, nah mate. I’m headed to the servo for a pack of durries so I can get you a long neck then, yeah? Or should we just go to the pub for a counter and a schooner?”.
  8. My Kitchen Rules where a gorgeous Frenchman, an angry Irishman, and an idiot Australian trying to make bone broth for children, ask “Where’s the sauce?”.
  9. Having a backyard where I could drink a glass of wine in the sunshine with a dog under foot.
  10. The beach, with real sand and not pebbles.
  11. Sitting outside. In London I don’t have outdoor space at home, when I eat out either the restaurant doesn’t have outdoor space or it’s on a main smoggy roady, or it’s cold and grey and you want to be inside with the heater on.
  12. Fresh, non-smoggy, clean air that doesn’t turn my snot black.
  13. Not having to wear four layers to leave the house only to take them all off in 10 minutes when you arrive at the tube station.
  14. Having a car. While the tube is great for getting home when you go out for a few drinks after work (i.e. get shit faced on a Tuesday), carrying a week’s worth of groceries home on foot is not doing nice things to my shoulders.
  15. Super fast broadband. Optus, I am sorry for all the horrible things I said about you. I promise, if you come back to me I will never say those nasty things again.
  16. Aussie products that the world needs in their life: Go-to Skin care, Kmart (everything they stock!), pawpaw cream, de Lorenzo hair care, pyjamas from Susan’s and all things Witchery. Although, Kikki K has now come to London, so at least I can journal happily.
  17. People understanding how disgusting Fosters and Yellowtail are. Here Fosters is on tap in all the pubs and Yellowtail is over 5 quid a bottle!
  18. The sunsetting after 4pm.
  19. The wildlife. Sure a squirrel is cute, but it’s no lorikeet or kangaroo in the front yard.
  20. The Australian language: thongs, lollies, pants and ‘the shits’ all mean very different things here in England. FYI the differences are:
  • Thongs: A = flip flop shoes, E = g-string underwear
  • Lollies: A = sweets, E = iced lolly or an ice blocks
  • Pants: A = trousers, jeans etc, E = underwear, knickers, jocks etc.
  • The shits: A = I’m angry, E = I have the runs, I am shitting.

What do you miss about your home while living overseas? Share in the comments.

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