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(Valentine’s) Dates to try and avoid


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Launching What Rebecca Loves on Valentine’s Day, it seems only appropriate to discuss all things Valentines, and being that any good date, including a Valentine’s Day date includes food, today’s food post is all about good (Valentine’s Day) dates.

I actually hate dates, especially first dates. For me they’re awkward, I’m nervous and anxious, and the whole time I’m trying to find things in common without revealing to much about myself, while coming across as funny and charming and interesting and of course pulling together an on point outfit, well it’s exhausting!

And as someone who tends to exclusively date idiots, dates are never anything more than meeting somewhere, walking in circles for 20 minutes to find something we both want to eat, finally admitting defeat and finding the closest place still open and ordering something I can eat without getting sauce all over myself.

So instead of a wandering date, here are my favourite date ideas for you to try this Valentine’s Day, or any day!

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If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right


Happy Valentine’s Day chickens and welcome to What Rebecca Loves. When you name your blog What Rebecca Loves, I figured it was only fitting to launch it on the most loving day of the year.

I for one love Valentine’s Day. All the red hearts, teddies, cupcakes and of course all the feels, well there’s nothing better!

As a single lady it sometimes feels as though I should not enjoy Saint Valentine’s Day and should instead be at home crying into my Ben and Jerry’s, watching Bridget Jones’s Diary alone and questioning what I did wrong in my life not to have some guy next to me.
FYI: I am not, nor will I be doing this. The Ben and Jerry’s with Bridget does sound like an amazing night in, but the self-pity thing over being single–lame!

Bridget Jones, Ben and Jerrys, ice cream, two men

Valentine’s Day may be designed for lovers, but I saw flip that. On Valentine’s Day I celebrate the greatest love of all—blog post one and already a Whitney Houston reference, not to bad—my love for me!

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All about Rebecca

Hi there

I'm Rebecca, an Aussie girl, born and bred in Canberra.

In 2015 I packed my life into one 19kg suitcase and moved to London.

When I'm not exploring London and providing expat tips, I'm travelling. I'm just back from China and am now planning my 2017 travels.

I'm also a massive foodie who loves eating out and trying new things in the kitchen.

This is my little place to connect with people across the world to share my learnings and experiences in the hope that it inspires or helps you.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find something you love on What Rebecca Loves.

R x

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