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WRL best of: Met Gala 2015


The Met Gala has come and gone for another year and with it some on trend looks, some timeless looks and some looks we'll talk about and turn into memes for weeks to come - hello Rhianna pizza.

Below are my best dress for the Met Gala 2015. Clearly I love me a white dress, no matter how it comes. And it seems I now love me a red dress in any shape or style.

Some of the looks I love I think really meet the theme, China: through the looking glass, and others I think are just beautiful timeless dresses and looks.

So please enjoy WRL's Best dressed at the 2015 Met Gala.

Best of: Oscars fashion


So the Academy Awards were this week and while I can't tell you who won anything, I can tell  you who knocked it out of the park with their style. I feel that sentence goes against all the good things in world; it's not about what you look like but who you are, what you can achieve, what you can put your mind to, but what I can I say, I love me a red carpet.

With the Oscars, or any big award ceremony, you have the red carpet and the after parties and together you get some of the most amazing looks. So for my Oscars post I'm not going to differentiate between red carpet and parties, and instead lump it all together as a delectable dose of fashion.

I hope you enjoy my favourite looks. For more What Rebecca Loves style click here or follow me on Pinterest.

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Best of: NYFW 2015


Hello fellow fashionistas

So, NYFW has come and gone for another year and if you’re into fashion–if you’re reading my style section then I have a sneaking feeling that you are–then I’m sure all your newsfeeds have been full of catwalks, RTW, street style and backstage passes.

I have loved seeing little snippets of it, but now that it’s all over I’ve binged on every look from NYFW and all I can say is wowzers!

Remember in SATC when Carrie said she bought Vogue instead of food as she felt it fed her more? Well after my NYFW binge over the past two days I can totally understand! I’m so full I can barely move, like I’m in a fashion coma.

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Valentine’s Day style


For those headed off on a hot Valentine’s Day date tonight, I have one question for you: what are you going to wear?!

If you’re throwing a Romy and Michelle, fear not, I have pulled together a few looks to help you out tonight. So with that, shower, dress and enjoy your hot date.

Romy, Michelle, I have nothing to wear

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Hi there

I'm Rebecca, an Aussie girl, born and bred in Canberra.

In 2015 I packed my life into one 19kg suitcase and moved to London.

When I'm not exploring London and providing expat tips, I'm travelling. I'm just back from China and am now planning my 2017 travels.

I'm also a massive foodie who loves eating out and trying new things in the kitchen.

This is my little place to connect with people across the world to share my learnings and experiences in the hope that it inspires or helps you.

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